Independence Day at the 1 House

13620095_10208621444886501_3386205482188671058_nAs we do each year, today, the First Ward Community Fund provided lunch for the men and woman on duty at Station One. And, as they do each year, the Station was open for neighbors to take a tour. IMG_0545

Several of us, along with our City Councilwoman Patsy Kinsey, joined the crew for lunch. This year the critical nature of their work was front and center as a call came in just as they we digging in to the feast. It took about sixty seconds from the time the alarm was raised to the time the trucks left the Station. Absolutely amazing! To see the training kick in and the response happen in real time is humbling.

Several young residents came by to get the ten-dollar tour. The children were able to sit in the trucks and inspect the equipment and most importantly make new friends with the firefighters. The crew really loved the visit and they seemed to enjoy explaining the job as much as the children enjoyed getting the hands on tour.IMG_0542

This was the first time we met this particular shift on Independence Day. Battalion Chief Harding expressed his appreciation as did the crew. Often people forget that first responders are always on duty. In First Ward we don’t and we make it a point to make sure they know we appreciate the sacrifice they make so that we can enjoy the Holiday.

Oh and Councilwoman Kinsey baked cookies and these were awesome!


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