Lunch with CMPD

bill and cecilThis year seven members of CMPD were able to make lunch at Dressler’s. All are currently serving or have served in the Central Division and First Ward. We were able spend time catching up and talk some strategy as to how to fix a few of the minor issues in the neighborhood.

I always enjoy this meeting. I’m amazed at how much talent we have in the Division and it is great to see these folks recognized as they move up through the ranks of the Department. As an example, within the group, we had a member of the Honor Guard/Dignitary Protection Team, a Division Captain, the Head of Homicide and two Community Coordinators.

Office Rowland, a long serving uptown coordinator, is retiring. Mark has been here since before the re-birth of First Ward. He is a long time Fourth Ward coordinator– he will be missed.

Overall crime stats in First Ward are good but there are few areas of concern. Packages seem to walk away. I say seem as there are many complaints about this on social media but few actual reports to the police. The wandering package is happening all over the city. The police ask that we require signatures for packages as a way to cut down on theft. Please call 911 to report an actual theft as this will trigger additional resources in the area. The police are looking at using decoy packages and we will keep this in mind for next year. Theft from auto is still occurring on a regular basis. Please lock your doors and don’t leave valuables in sight.


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