This Is First Ward

What makes First Ward special? First Ward is a neighborhood not aOfficer Foard collection of sub-divisions. First Ward is a thriving community.

Yesterday a young resident held a birthday party for her son. It was a great event and members of the community stepped up to make it so. Trinity Episcopal School allowed her to use its field so that the party as held in a safe and inviting place. A neighbor loaned his tables and chairs to help keep cost down. A former resident, Brandon Nash, helped to deliver and set-up the these items. Several of our Central Division Officers stopped by to deliver a basketball, as a birthday present, and then spent time talking with the adult attendees. More importantly the Officers took time to talk and play with the children thus starting new friendships.

Officer Foard and Officer SummerlineWe are lucky in First Ward in that we have such a great relationship with our Police Officers. These men and women spend time in the neighborhood meeting the people and learning our issues. Our Community Coordinators are the best of the best and we are lucky to call them our friends.

Photographs courtesy of First Ward resident Lindee White of Lindee White Photography.


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