Lunch With Friends

This mural hangs in the Central Division office in First Ward

Yesterday we took several, past and present, Central Division Officers to lunch. Those who attended enjoyed a great meal and those who had other commitments were missed (and yes, we talked about you).

It was nice catching up with our friends who have moved to other areas of the city. Several have been promoted and others have gone to help different neighborhoods.

Learning about the new team is always fun and it’s helpful for them to hear from those who have previously participated in the growth of First Ward. This is a relationship that we have been working since the re-development of Earl Village and that relationship is strong. We all agreed that the Hope VI Grant was, and is, a good thing for First Ward, Uptown and the city of Charlotte.

It is important to remember that while we are warm in our homes celebrating the holidays the men and women of CMPD will be on the streets keeping us safe. They will not be with their families but with us. Remember to say thank you and it’s OK to offer them coffee.



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