First Ward and the Bobcats

The Charlotte Bobcats ended the season with a three game win streak and they are a team looking forward to next year. First Ward resident will be looking forward too. This year we gave away one-hundred-sixty-four tickets to our friends and neighbors. Children who did well in school or who did volunteer work or adults who were successful participants in the Family Self Sufficiency Program were awarded game tickets for their hard work. Case Managers at the Charlotte Housing Authority were pleased with the ticket give away as it offers rewards to those who are working hard to improve themselves.

Next year the program will be slightly different. In prior years the individual game tickets were given away. Next year we will work with the CHA Case Managers to identify large groups to send to several games rather than sending four people per game.

Bob Szymkiewicz of the First Ward Community Fund said “we are committed to making our neighborhood one of the best in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Programs like this will continue to encourage a sense community and responsibility.


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