Thank You Charlotte Fire Department

Yesterday, as part of our annual Independence Day thank you, the First Ward Community Fund provided lunch to everyone on duty at Station One. Neighbors were welcome to stop in for tours and meet the firefighters. Mayor Anthony Foxx, a First Ward resident, and Councilwomen Patsy Kinsey spent some time at the Station and enjoyed the meal with the crew.

Captain Helms sent “A BIG THANK YOU to Bob Szymkiewicz and to the First Ward Community Fund for providing lunch and great fellowship to Fire Station #1. Your hospitality and generosity was appreciated and as always we are glad to be able to serve the First Ward Community. Also, thank you to council member Patsy Kinsey, Mayor Foxx and guests for stopping by!”

And we say thank you to the Fire Department. We appreciate what they do for the city in general and in particular for the great response when called upon during the fire at First Ward Place.


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