First Ward Art

Installation is complete today on two First Ward neighborhood art projects. These works, commissioned by the First Ward Community Fund with help from the Charlotte Housing Authority and Charlotte Center City Partners, are the creation of local artist Dustin Shores.

Artist Dustin Shore

Artist Dustin Shores

Charlotte, North Carolina, August 31, 2010:  Stan Washington and Bob Szymkiewicz of the First Ward Community Fund assisted artist Dustin Shores in installation of the works in their new homes. The first piece, a collage of photographs, depicts important participants in the development of First Ward as a Hope VI community. This veritable “Who’s Who” of First Ward now hangs in the Moving Forward Room at the CHA offices on South Boulevard, a testament to what can be achieved through teamwork.

The second work, a mixed media of First Ward children’s photography and original art, brightens CMPD’s Central Division offices. “We really love the art,” commented Sergeant Moorfield, “It’s really cool, especially knowing it came through the eyes of our neighborhood kids.”

The First Ward Community Fund is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to provide educational, cultural and social enrichment for the residents of First Ward.

Bob, Dustin and Stan Complete the installation at the Charlotte Housing Authority

Stan Washington and Bob Szymkiewicz at the Central Division

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